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The Waves of Cultures

As an effort to offer a deeper meaning to our human existence and nurture new sentinels.


We are honored to share a few topics of the amazing work of Mr. Darin Stevenson, a highly regarded Sentinel of Nature, he is a gifted man please visit his website:


We appreciate his profound eloquence of these video lectures and insights. We wish this information helps clarify misconceptions and inspire others to become a Sentinel of your local culture.  and

Our minds can be reasonably understood as a localized 'fortified relational web' whose identity is profoundly related to its history, habits, connections, and inputs. Many of the inputs that nourished and fulfilled us in evolutionary history have been amputated and replaced with salable representations.

The actual nature and capacities of mind are nonlocal in person, time, space, relation... and discovery... and these abilities depend to some degree upon the concepts we employ to speak about and catalyze human intelligence. Most of what we are told is actually crippling, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the nature of our brains, minds or potentials...

We are born into cultures that will neither preserve, celebrate, nor tolerate our life-phases (which there are many of). We enter a second womb at birth, a womb of culture, that we must 'cross the bridge of death' to transcend... while alive. This bridge leads to our original home-places. And its destination is at once similar and profoundly unique for each person and moment of life...

This is the first of a series of  three very interesting videos, the aspects of a culture based on scarcity.   

Darin Stevenson: My response to Ryan HeavyHead's gentle rant 'Beware the Rectangles a series of 3 videos.

The natural genius that underlies intelligence, understanding, awareness and prodigy inverts this, and sees gestalts in precedence to ‘parts-oriented’ and ‘function-analytical’ frameworks. Something more like intelligence immediately recognizes that the frameworks are fictions, and unity is implicit in beings. In this, beings and minds are fundamentally ‘a-mechanical’ in the sense of bearing likeness to machines or tools. Our nature and the potentials of our intelligence lie far beyond (and, indeed, before) the projections of language, especially where that language is the product of duplicitous or mimetic purposes.

Each human being is unique in spite of our ideas and language. Inside us, in our interiority, there are gifts from millions of generations of ancestors and living places. Yet, for most of us, these gifts will remain invisible. In part, because they sense the confusions and toxicities of our modern cultures, and in part because we will only rarely encounter the contexts required to call them forth into embodiment. Each of our ages is unique. We have developmental processes that are unknown to language, and are nothing like our common ideas. Life phases. Mind phases. Dreaming phases. Relational faculties that only emerge in their proper environs. In this video I explore some of these issues, and reflect upon our interiority... which is ... that... with which we know, feel, learn, and experience.

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