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Cultural Sentinels

Find your natural ability to respond; intelligence is a sustainable tool
The purpose of a sentinel is to create harmony and to help others maintain an intimate relationship with the universe. This of course is not for everyone.

Each circumstance strengthens our intelligence, we can recognize the distortions of language and misconceptions, takes responsibility, a sentinel is eloquent and commits sensible long lasting decisions. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy
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Within each of our different communities, the custodians of Culture need to form habits and activities that restore regional fauna and flora for the wellbeing of the biosphere.


A population’s well-being depends on the elemental artistic relationship and knowledge about history, archaeology and geology.


How to get started?


It is my experience that we carry the urgent desire to live the adventure that recovering the origins of our conceptual minds entails. This desire rises in reply to a felt sense of the urgency and histories of our present situations, and their basis in our unexpectedly remedial understanding of the actual natures of language, our cognitive evolution... and that which we refer to as knowledge.

Darin Stevenson